3 tips to control weight after losing In order to maintain

The weight loss that made it difficult. Maintaining the same weight is even more difficult. Because many people will not know how to control it, keep the weight stable and not come back as much as before. Today we bring you 3 tips that will help girls. Able to control the weight to remain the same as before Very easy to do Let’s go and see.

1.Eating 3 meals on time

Eating 3 complete meals and eating them on time will keep the body’s metabolic system working normally. Especially breakfast Do not forget to eat it. Because if you forget to eat breakfast often It may make you hungry at the next meal and eat a lot of food until you gain weight again. It also results in a fluctuation of the metabolic system as well. In addition, eating more meals than breakfast. May cause the body to not use up all the energy until it is the accumulation of fat in different parts, so eating the right foods to maintain a stable weight, girls should eat a full breakfast. Lunch dropped half of the breakfast. For dinner, eat vegetables, fruits and protein as the best.

2. Increase the amount of protein you eat in your meals.

Mechanisms of the body usually work. Muscles digested before fat is digested, but after weight loss, if we don’t have enough muscle, the body will continue to digest other muscles, not digesting fat. Because the body thinks that fat is more essential to us than our muscles, therefore we need to increase muscle mass To maintain the energy of the body in balance and not to look too skinny that cause yo-yo symptoms. Eating protein increases muscle mass in the body. It also accelerates the fat burning rate to increase. And if we have more muscles that the brain sees the body in the safe zone. The metabolic system will alternate muscle with fat burning. This will stabilize our weight and have beautiful, toned muscles.

3. Go to bed early and get enough sleep

Staying up late can make it easier to get hungry and may cause penance until eating late meals. Eating before bed will cause the food to be all fat. Because the body does not use energy In addition, staying up late also causes the body to not sleep enough. Until causing stress When the body is stressed The brain releases a substance of stress like the hormone cortisol. Such hormones inhibit the work of the metabolic system. Makes people who do not sleep enough to be at risk of obesity more easily than people who sleep well, usually in addition, many people when stressed. They also often eat to treat emotional stress often as well, especially sweet foods. That makes obesity easier

Maintaining a stable weight After losing weight, many people may find it difficult. But if we know the right way and follow it We will surely be able to keep in good shape forever. Without fear of getting fat again, so try these steps to keep your body looking beautiful In conjunction with regular exercise I certify that the weight control of the girls. Will definitely be able to succeed forever