Factors and habits that will make you fat

If there are many questions Consider making adjustments to help you lose weight.

As a result of the survey, these habits are the ones that create excessive eating habits. When we eat more than what our body uses That means the body will store the remaining energy in the form of fat, which if we do not use the stored fat. Will give us more fat And make fatter For people who have had these habits and are overweight and are starting to lose weight. But still don’t know where to start Recommend to adjust these habits first. And then find other techniques to supplement Will cause the weight loss to be gradual and adjust the cause of the obesity.

1.Eat fast

Eating rice very quickly Hardly a waste of time to chew Or not chewing thoroughly Will not feel full Risk of eating more than I want to eat. Fast rice, the stomach hasn’t arrived yet. Know the feeling of fullness Therefore thought that he could still receive food Therefore, eating gradually Will make you full faster And get the right amount of food to satisfy hunger and also get to know the taste It is better to divide.

2. Watching television during eating.

This is also one of the major reasons that causes obesity when watching TV or watching movies. Coke and chips or 1 large bucket of popcorn for complete fun. But did you know that these two are both high in calories? Throw at least 500-700 kcal. This is only for snacks. And what about eating as a staple food? These things are called eat and break. After eating, I rarely think about it, because I keep eating all sort of, then go to eat again. Can you try replacing it with a new one, watching TV, watching movies, eating fruit, to cheer up, watching TV for real health?

3. Unfortunately

Many people think that it has been taught since childhood. That eating rice must eat the whole plate, do not leave it Pity farmers who grow rice It was so difficult to get a grain of rice when we ate. Even after being full, have to eat all of them. This section does not argue that it should be done. But what should be done more is to estimate the right amount of food. When a person is deplorable Must stop buying Or buy enough to eat So that you won’t have much to eat Plus save money separately.

4. Stress and eat

This symptom is more common in many people. Some people do it without knowing it. Draining your stress by eating can be as serious as mental illness. And addiction to eating stress therapy For example, in many foreign giants So when stress occurs, try to find other activities. Go for a walk in the park, exercise, or chat with those around you. Or if you really want to eat it, choose to eat vegetables. Or fruit instead of eating foods that are high in energy is better.

5. Reward eating

Considered behavior And it is normal in today’s society that when we are happy Or doing something successful Must have an appointment to celebrate together Able to celebrate the exam Celebrate eating new customers Celebrate birthday You can eat it every day. Try changing the way you give your rewards to gifts or to travel or whatever. That do not have to be tied to eating Because these celebrations are full of great food and drink. And we ourselves tend to think Once in a while While the whole month may have many of the same festivities you can’t deny.

6.Eat savory food, followed by dessert

It is believed that this habit is spreading in most people who, at the end of the day, have dessert to rinse their mouths. To complete the formula Or going to a cake shop All trendy desserts It’s okay for a long time Or if you take good care of your physical health, no matter what, but if you are eating like this continuously or in the habit of eating it. Try swapping out desserts with fruit. An apple, guava, watermelon, or a slightly sweeter fruit should be the solution.

7. Must be worth it

In the current buffet worth the value Now cheaper than many restaurants Plus eating more full, more worthwhile Has entered many Thai people already You can say that you eat each other often and eat together every week. But eating a buffet each time you could get thousands of energy. Disciple gland ever. Especially if you eat the value for money paid, full belly, sluggish for hours. Remember that what your body uses is fat. In addition, eating too much food can make your stomach and digestive system work so hard that you can eat it for good. Eat just enough and choose what to eat. Don’t regret the money Because the money you get to treat when you are sick may be more than the price of the buffet.

8. Give up something easily.

Many times I entered a weight loss program. When it did not reduce, it was discouraged, turned back to eat as usual and sadly admitted that Obesity, however, must remain with us for the rest of our lives. For sure, do not believe it. So, fight, go and fight, it can be reduced. I have hope to win.

9. Exercise and eat more.

This kind of habit has already ruined many weight loss. Heavy exercise And be complacent, returning to eat hard Because I think it’s okay, can be removed It’s a very wrong idea. If you want to reduce the water much You will need to take care of the proper diet. To get the right energy And makes losing weight faster If you exercise and eat the energy you receive may be a lot. Or equal to the amount of exercise It made it seem like there was no progress and was discouraged and eventually stopped. Try to see if anyone has a weakness, correct that point first, because it is not difficult to do if you intend to.