Avocados are a tree native to Mexico in the state of Puebla. In Thailand, it was planted for the first time in Nan province. Before spreading across the country The avocado is a fruit with a buttery texture. The nature of the fruit will be shaped like a wheelbarrow. Or oval to round shape.

This popular fruit eaten in Europe and America. This is because it contains a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are extremely beneficial to health. But for some people it doesn’t like eating avocado at all. Because it is a fruit that has no sweet taste And high in fat This fruit was unfortunately overlooked.

Although an avocado weighs 100 grams (about half a fruit) contains 14.66 grams of fat! (If compared to other fruits, it contains very little or no fat), but did you know that eating avocado does not cause weight gain in any way? When compared with eating the same amount of other fats Plus eating avocado can also help you lose weight. And does not cause fat Plus, it can clearly reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) levels!

Avocado benefits

  • Contain anti-oxidants. Which is a tool to help protect cells within the body from being destroyed
  • To reduce the signs of aging better than other fruits, thus helping to maintain youthfulness as well.
  • Can help maintain and maintain eyesight
  • Eating avocado can help you lose weight and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) levels significantly.
  • Good source of healthy fatty acids (HDL). Because it has the ability to help reduce bad fat in the arteries Thus helping to prevent the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels Help reduce the risk of coronary artery disease and heart attack.
  • Help prevent and reduce the risk of cancer.
  • In avocado fruit contains vitamin C, which can help prevent colds.
  • Prevent scurvy.
  • Help prevent the development of canker sores.
  • Higher in protein than other fruits. It is an easily digestible protein. High in dietary fiber Thus helping to excrete as well
  • The fat in avocados can help absorb carotenoids. (Carotenoids), which are powerful anti-oxidants as well. Either lycopene, beta carotene or lutein in fruits and vegetables.
  • Eating avocado regularly can help prevent and reduce the frequency of beriberi.

Avocados are very useful. Which is suitable for the baby to eat as a supplement Although they are high in calories.

They are also rich in DHA and good fat (HDL).

  • Avocados are high in folate. Which is a mineral that is very important for pregnant women Because it is necessary for the fetus
  • Avocado oil is the most absorbed oil compared to other oils, whether it is soybean oil. Corn, almond, or even olive oil
  • Avocado oil can be used as a head massage to help speed up hair growth.
  • Avocado benefits are commonly eaten as fresh fruit. Or eat with ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, sugar, cake, salad, etc.

The avocado pulp can be cooked instead of butter.Can extract oil to make cosmetics.Fresh avocados can be used to nourish skin and hair. Especially those with dry skin This will help make your skin moist, radiant and lively

The nutritional value of raw avocados per 100 grams.

  • 160 kcal energy
  • 8.53 g of carbohydrates
  • 0.66 g sugar
  • 6.7 g fiber
  • Fat 14.66 g
  • Saturated fatty acids 2.13 g
  • 9.8 g monounsaturated fatty acids
  • 1.82 g of polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • 2 g protein
  • Water 73.23 g
  • Vitamin A 7 μg 1%
  • Beta carotene 42 mcg 1%
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin 271 mcg
  • Vitamin B1 0.067 mg 6%, B2 0.13 mg 11%, B3 1.738 mg 12%, B5 1.389 mg, 28%, B6 0.257 mg 20% , B9 81 μg 20%,Vitamin C 10 mg 12%,Vitamin E 2.07 mg 14%,Vitamin K 21 μg 20%
  • Calcium 12 mg 1%
  • Iron 0.55 mg 4%
  • Magnesium 29 mg 8%
  • Manganese 0.142 mg 7%
  • Phosphorus 52 mg 7%
  • Potassium 485 mg 10%
  • Sodium 7 mg 0%
  • Zinc 0.64 mg 7%
  • Fluoride