Many properties. 9. Fruit family. “Berry” Berries that we know are many varieties. Strawberries, blueberries, mulberries and red cherries look delicious. The taste is a little sour and a little sweet, but do you know that berries are more beneficial than they look? And how much taste .

Increase the immune system

Berries are fruits that are rich in vitamins such as A, B, C, E, K and potassium, etc., that the body needs to help the cells in the body to repair themselves from various diseases better, including wound healing. Cancer prevention Reduce the disease Scurvy. As well as gout or joint pain.

          Also, berries are high in antioxidants. It is most common in blueberries. Which contributes to enhancing the performance of the cells even further Reduce the inflammation of blood vessels which causes heart disease. Neurological and brain diseases, as well as the red substances in the berries, help fight the deterioration of the body and slow down aging. Restores the production of collagen in the skin. Help your skin look younger. Wrinkles look faded. Make your skin look younger.

Improve memory accuracy

In addition to the antioxidants in berries, it helps with the skin. Also helps in matters of the nervous system It will help brain cells to repair themselves better. Improving our memory ability Therefore, anyone who loves to forget to try to eat berries on a regular basis.

Against urinary tract disease

Especially in cranberries, it can protect against urinary tract infections more than other berries because it can protect against the bacteria known as slotxo , the early E. coline of the disease, and contain tannins that contribute. Stop the accumulation and accumulation of bacteria in the urinary tract wall which can cause disease.

1. Blueberry (Blueberry)

Blueberry (Blueberry) is a healthy purple fruit with a round, sweet and sour taste. Easy to eat Blueberries are rich in vitamins. Help reduce the deterioration of the body Help with memory And if eaten regularly, it can help reduce the rate of heart disease as well. Most often, blueberries are found on dessert menus, such as blueberry cheesecake. Blueberry jam Including eating with cereal as a breakfast as well. Baccarat, baccarat formula.

2. Raspberry

Raspberry (Raspberry) Deep reddish pink Rich in ellagic acid (Ellagic), a naturally occurring antioxidant. It also helps prevent cancer as well. There are many menus that can use raspberry as an ingredient, such as raspberry ice cream. Raspberry Cupcakes Raspberry Cookie Raspberry jam And mixed with vegetable salad, it is delicious and tastes good

3. Black Currant (Blackcurrant)

Black Currant Touted as the best of the small berry family, round, smooth surface Juicy meat Sweet and sour, fragrant and oval seeds The black currant has properties that are beneficial to the body such as cancer prevention. Prevent heart disease Help nourish the blood And nourishing the nerves, etc. Drinks can be eaten immediately slotxo chilled more delicious. Sometimes freeze and eat it.

4. Blackberry

Blackberry Has a black fruit with a group of seeds Blackberry has a juicy, sour and sweet taste. It contains dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B and minerals. Or make jam and spread it with bread Eating regularly can reduce the risk of colon cancer and heart disease, and are beneficial to health.

5. Cranberry

Cranberry (Cranberry) is a bright red citrus fruit. Is a ivy grown in America and Canada. Used as herbal medicine And eat to prevent heart disease, flu, help prevent cystitis and kidney disease as well. Rich in vitamin C, it is beneficial for health, and can be eaten fresh and juiced for health as well. Popular drying to eat as well.

6. Gooseberry

Golden yellow gooseberry, Thai name is unsteady, soft and juicy. Smooth round appearance Sweet and sour like eating tomatoes with pineapple. With sepals wrapped Tiny fruit, but great, rich in vitamin C. Very useful Prevent flu Help take care of your eyesight It can be cooked as a dessert, jam, sauce, pie, pudding, fruit salad and served with honey. Choose according to your preferences.

7. Mulberry

Classified as the fruit of true health lovers Must be given to Mulberry (Mulberry) or Thai people call it mulberry, both dark purple and sweet. Purple red color, sweet and sour taste, popular for juicing, making jams and eating fresh, just like other berries, has health benefits. Helps improve memory, good health, and also fight against cancer. Mulberry leaves can be dried and made into hot tea as well. Gives a light scent, good taste.

8. Grape

Grape (Grape) is a type of fruit family of berries. For properties And the benefits of grapes are diverse, such as helping to fight cancer. Reduce blood fat It nourishes the heart, nourishes the brain, nourishes the body and helps the body to be healthy as the sugar in grapes can be absorbed quickly, making you feel refreshed and also help repair damaged parts of the body as well.

9. Strawberry

Come to the strawberry queue (Strawberry), a healthy fruit that we know well. Although it is a plant belonging to the genus in the rose family Not classified as a botanical group of berries. (It’s just a name), however, we tend to get used to strawberries very well. Is called the king of red fruits. And is a favorite fruit of many people Easy to find It is a winter fruit with delicious and nutritional value. There are many species Plenty of antioxidants and high fiber helps to strengthen the immune system Lower blood pressure, you can eat fresh, make strawberry juice smoothie or slice thinly add mineral water as infused water and various delicious desserts.
From the above. Are there any types of healthy berry-based fruits that are your favorite? Must say Really delicious and healthy eating.