Side effects of green tea

Especially in terms of prevention of heart disease and cancer Including the benefits of antioxidants that help slow down aging, but actually on the other hand Green tea can be harmful to the body as well. Which the negative effects that may occur from drinking green tea include.

Green tea contains caffeine (caffeine) is a stimulant to make the body feel refreshed, as in coffee and cocoa. Usually does not cause caffeine poisoning. However, excessive amounts of green tea, such as more than 3 to 4 cups per day, can result in caffeine-related side effects such as  insomnia,  abdominal discomfort,  nausea  , and diarrhea.

Should be careful drinking green tea in people with heart disease. Because caffeine can cause heart arrhythmia.In people with diabetes Caffeine may interfere with blood sugar control.

Drinking green tea can make anxiety symptoms worse.

For pregnant women Eating green tea may increase the risk of miscarriage, so green tea should be avoided during pregnancy. And caffeinated beverages like coffee and cocoa.

That green tea can heal and inhibit cancer cells. Therefore, the popularity of drinking green tea in people with cancer is increasing. But at the same time, polyphenols, which are found mostly in green tea. It can interact with cancer drugs or drug interactions Especially with bortezomib, vitamin K, found in green tea.  Which may cause blood clots to clog in various organs Especially in blood vessels, brain and heart, so before consuming green tea and other herbs. Should consult a doctor or pharmacist. 

Tannin, a substance that causes the bitter taste in green tea Can inhibit the absorption of iron in food. Thus increasing the risk of iron deficiency (iron deficiency), which increases the risk of anemia.

Drinking large amounts of green tea may result in increased calcium excretion through urine.

 This may increase the risk of developing osteoporosis. (osteoporosis) and can easily cause bone injury.

Substance catechins (catechins), which are substances in the polyphenol group. Has an antioxidant effect (antioxidants) found that this substance is toxic to mitochondria. (mitochondria). The parts that generate energy for cells This can lead to disorders of the liver, including yellowing, yellow eyes, hepatitis, including liver failure. In addition, catechins also cause glutathione. (glutathione), a substance that keeps toxins in the liver down.

It is reported that giving rats to eat high amounts of green tea. Will result in a decrease in the level of testosterone which is testosterone This may be due to abnormal testicular function, so green tea may cause reproductive disorders.

The health benefits of green tea are available to us in many ways. There is various properties and used in combination with the treatment of ailments along with herbs Including the penalty from green tea. That we have to be careful before drinking All of these are excellent information. So if anyone loves drinking green tea as a soul. This article is packed with benefits especially for you. I can tell that I can’t really follow.