Blended, cold pressed or extracted juice, which is better for both health and weight loss?

Blended, cold pressed or extracted juice, which is better for both health and weight loss?

Everyone is now turning to pay attention to health. Start taking care of choosing food to eat into your body more, not just for the purpose of wanting to lose weight. But recent research and experts have come out to announce various benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. Cold pressed fruit juices extract more pulp instead of meat, milk, butter, which is the cause of diseases that plague humanity today, whether diabetes. High blood pressure High cholesterol, cancer, obesity, etc.

Cold extraction or pulp juice is really good for health. 

Because with the ease of preparation No need for the ability to think of any cooking menus, nowadays there are many juices and vegetables. It occurs in both the boxed form and the blended pulp that can be found in most water shops. Many people are already confused about which one is really good for their health. The nutrients in fruits and vegetables are still delivered to us, helping to shape, lose weight, detox or even help prevent cancer and some diseases.

The answer to which one is more healthful at this point, say that a smoothie or smoothie. With cold pressed juice is a good value for vegetables and fruits as well Only to meet the living arrangement preference of one over because smoothies using a blender Blender as a cold extraction using uniform Slow juicer or Cold press juicer because the final use extractor called.  

Principles for making water of all 3 types of machines


Smoothie In smoothies, the blades are chopped off all the vegetables and fruits, including the rind, so all the fiber is mixed and mashed to form a liquid in the smoothie. Blending helps to make fiber, vegetables and fruits smaller. Making it easier for the body to absorb In addition, another benefit of smoothies is When drinking it, it will not raise your blood sugar level because the nutrients are still trapped in the fiber and will be released into the body more slowly than in the case of fruit juices.

Another advantage of Smoothie Smoothie style is May be suitable for people with high blood pressure problems. Or high blood sugar levels The smoothie preparation is also quicker, making it a good choice for a busy morning. And any other time during the day Because you don’t have to cut into small pieces and it’s easy to estimate how much the churn will get. Because it is the number of things that are put into spin Unlike pulp extract and cold extraction, the water content may be lost up to half.

The a high-speed blender is one way to help people who don’t like to eat a lot of fiber. 

Because of the high blending cycle that makes blending finely until the fruit and vegetable juices are smooth and soft, allowing you to eat more fruits and vegetables than before Unlike a blender that is not fast, not strong Once blended, you will still see a separate layer of the rind or fruit. Making it harder to drink.

Although the blending will give us the nutrients that are attached to the shell. But some studies have found that spinning, though, sounds better than extracting water. But the spinning process itself causes more heat and oxygen to oxidize with fruits and vegetables. This causes the destruction of vitamins and minerals, and no one has yet confirmed how much the nutrient is reduced.

Juice and fruit juice extracting – pulp And cold-pressed

A study by the US hospital group the Mayo Clinic says that drinking fruit and vegetable juices without pulp We do not get fiber, insoluble dietaryfiber, and a number of nutrients that are attached to the skin and the meat of fruits and vegetables. The benefits are therefore less than eating all. Making fruit and vegetable juices like this requires more raw materials but less juice.

The benefits of this kind of water are many as well. First, our digestive system works less heavily than smoothies or fresh produce. These juices provide nutrients that are readily absorbed and utilized. Immediately Plus, you don’t have to be bothered by eating lots of fruits and vegetables to get the same amount of nutrients as a glass of fruit juice. So it’s called a juice and pulp extractor, or cold pressed one. Packed with nutrients without having to eat fiber to get full first.

Therefore, this option is good for people with digestive problems. Because dietary fiber or fiber slows digestion and gradually releases nutrients into the body slowly.

Cold pressed and pulp extract Different similarities

Juice extracting

People who like vegetable juices will know that there is even more advance in the difference between most of the extractors. We come across in an order-and-wait store to use it as it is faster. With cold extraction machine The two working principles differ in that the extractor uses a rapidly rotating metal blade. Chop the meat and push it into the meat strainer out of the water using centrifugal force. So is the origin of the name centrifugal juicer.

The fiber will come out in another bowl. It separate the water from the other side. The problem of fruit juice extracting is As the blades spin, heat is generated. Which destroys useful enzymes in fruits and vegetables. The heat also reacts with oxidation with nutrients, making the juice quality not as good as the cold extraction.

Cold pressed juice

Cold extraction operation Similar to human occlusion By using grinding Squeeze slowly to separate the juice from the meat, vegetables, and fruits to prevent heat. And oxidation occurs like in knives in blenders and separators. That is why most of the current products are cold pressed. And this kind of juice is more expensive than your friends.

An article by  Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies  also published that cold extraction maintains the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables well. But no one has yet confirmed that it is as good as eating fresh produce or not. It can extract nutrients and preserve more living vitamins and enzymes than pulp splitting. And also extracted more water than another.

The chart compares vitamin CA content and water quality from pulp and cold extracts, where cold extraction performs significantly better in retention of nutrients for longer periods of time in all 3 points.

The cold press is also suitable for people who like to drink green leafy juice. Because it can extract water from vegetables and nuts better than the pulp extract. Which can only be done with vegetables and fruits that are very watery. In addition, the cold pressed juice can be stored for up to 3 days. While the pulp should be eaten within 30 minutes due to the Oxidation causes the juices to quickly darken. The nutrients gradually dissolve. Taste that will change And sludge stratification.

Clearly compare the water obtained from the left hand cold press and the right hand extractor, both the color of the water, the separation of the taste layers.