Health warning signs !!! 32 daily symptoms Tell me the disease you are having !!!

Symptoms that occur in your daily life may indicate an underlying medical condition that you are having. But should find the real cause. To be able to solve the problem at the right spot, I want to tell you the basic anomaly that you may have overlooked !!!

1. Insomnia It may be caused by a thick gallbladder or a moving cervical vertebrae, or rarely blood supply to the heart. Because he is often excited

2. Rough skin with flecks, polyps, warts, corn eyes, caused by dirty large intestine.

3. Urine has a strong smell, a very pungent odor caused by bad kidneys. Enlarged prostate With urine retention To eat 3 pineapple cores every day for 7 days and drink Krachai juice. 4. Little finger pain indicates a deficient heat system The body is cold at 3? 5 pm, such as taking a cold shower and airing because it is the time when the body needs to warm.

5. Pain under the feet Means the lungs are not healthy

6. Knee pain

– Pain outside the hips or thighs, meaning the gallbladder, too little water, or poor absorption system that comes from eating fried food with vegetable oil. Heated vegetable oil becomes sticky in the intestines. Allowing nutrients and water to seep through the wood

– Front pain means bad stomach Not eating on time Or have frequent anxiety

– Inner pain (on the knee side) means spleen problems / diabetes / obesity / liver / eating sweet / angry / toxic / kidney / spicy / or fried food.

– Joint pain, knee pain Decompose the limestone islands to stimulate excretion as well.

7. Back pain, lumbar pain, means thickened gallbladder. The absorption system must be washed.

8. Pectoral muscle pain It can be caused by heart or kidney problems or an unhealthy stomach.

9. Tension under the right breast. Refers to bad lymph Caused by a lot of stools Or not all taken regularly Find a way to drain and eat turmeric at 9 o’clock in the morning to help with the lymphatic well.

10. Back pain comes from an improper sitting position or moisture gets into the skin. Or because of anxiety or a lot of abdominal stones, bend the kidney cone.

11. Pain outside the sole of the foot. It is a symptom of bad liver, thick gallbladder, insomnia, earache, migraine.

12. Press the middle of the palm if it hurts, means an enlarged heart, pericarditis.