Reasons why you have “Strong smell” than other people

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Regarding body odor, we believe that everyone. Even in hot weather like our home, we just step out of the bathroom. Sometimes the middle of the back is already sweaty. But among the body odor there is another level The one that uses deodorant products is enough to be taken during the day With a model that can not use anything Have you ever wondered why your body odor is stronger than those around you who might be spending the day together? Or even may use deodorant as well But the result was different

Where does the body smell come from?

Normal sweat Alone from the sweat glands on the arms, legs, torso, and back, it actually doesn’t smell. It is sweat that comes from the sweat glands called Eccrine sweat gland that are located in different parts. Of the general body When hot, there is sweating that helps to adjust the body temperature. But where sweat smells from 2 major reasons:

– Sweat mixed with microorganisms And bacteria living in the skin

– The sweat that comes from the apcocrine sweat gland, which is often clear as well, but slightly more sticky than normal sweat. And smells more intense These sweat glands are located in the armpits, groin, underneath the chest, ears, etc.

Spicy food

Whether it is spicy, salty, sour, or foods that contain a lot of ingredients Strong-smelling spices like garlic (which can make your mouth smell bad too), onions, galangal, lemongrass, lamb chops, chili peppers, or sulfur-rich fruits like durian, sato, cha, etc. These foods contribute to a higher degree of body odor than people who don’t. Or people who eat less Plus the spicy taste also increases the sweatiness.

Excess weight

Note that obese people tend to have a stronger body odor than thinner people. Because unless obese people have a chance that the external organs are damp It creates an unpleasant odor in the armpits, belly, groin, and crooks than thin people. Sweat glands in the armpits and groin also produce more sweat than thin people.

Oily food, fried food

Fatty foods, fried foods, are part of the body’s weight gain (simple, fat) and stimulate the sweat glands in the armpits. Groin as well

Red meat

Red meat like beef And other big meats Contributes to a stronger body odor Compared with people who do not eat red meat Or when not eating red meat in the same person

Using a deodorant that isn’t right for you

This kind of thing is like normal cosmetics. If using this one is not ok I try to change it. Until you find the right place The roll-on doesn’t survive. I try a spray. The advanced technology doesn’t survive, try some common alum, it may be suitable for us something.

Tips to reduce body odor each day

While cutting down on spicy, greasy, red meat, and weight loss foods, you can try these tips to help reduce body odor during the day.

Wear light clothing. Both fabrics are well ventilated. And the design is not too tight Especially people who are overweight or obese who may have problems with the armpits. May cause damp armpits to produce more sweat. Including tight pants and tight legs should be avoided.

If you feel that you sweat often To carry deodorant products With wet wipes with you During the day, they cleanse the body, armpits, groin, around the chest and apply deodorant over it. Anyone who is comfortable to shower can take a shower.

Scrub your skin during the shower. In order to eliminate scurf Dead skin cells This will also eliminate some of the bacteria from the skin, which can be scrubbed once or twice a week.

Do not wear the same clothes over and over. Should change to new clothes every day. When washing clothes, take care of the armpits, neckline, underwear, gusset and pants to avoid repetitive smell from sweat. Sometimes the smell comes from clothes that are not clean enough.