How do you fix the dark circle eyes?

Many people understand that dark eyes may be caused by sleeping late or crying. But in fact, there are several factors that make black eye, such as age, sun exposure or illness, etc. The symptoms most black eye is not a sign of a serious illness at all. It can occur in both men, women and young children who are facing this problem. May be managed by yourself at home Or may choose to consult a doctor for treatment.

Why are there dark eyes?

Dark eye can occur for many reasons. The lifestyle, hormones, illnesses, or a combination of causes.

The sample factors that may cause black eye rim are as follows.

  1. Age when you get older Bags under the eyes in the eyelids begin to sag with age. Causing a shadow around the eyes Moreover, the production of fat and collagen in the skin is reduced. Makes the skin thinner until the veins under the skin can be clearly seen And makes the dark circles around the eyes more clearly
  2. Stress and the rest less  accumulated stress or chronic stress can result in sleep problems. It makes the skin pale and the eyes dim so deeply that dark circles under the eyes are clearly noticeable.
  3. Various illnesses such as allergic reactions,  etc., because if an allergic reaction occurs, the eyes will irritate the eyes and accidentally rub the eyes. Which may result in black eye rim Or a stuffy nose And stuffy nose can cause the blood vessels in the eyes and nose to swell, causing the skin under the eyes to darken as well.
  4. Dehydration when the body is not getting the required amount of water. Skin cells will not be clear. Resulting in clearer dark circles under the eyes
  5. Getting pregnant when in the early stages of pregnancy Hormones in the body will change. This may result in blood vessels under the skin to expand until dark circles appear under the eyes.
  6. Smoking and drinking Because cigarettes make the eyes darker even more And alcohol consumption can cause blood vessels under the skin to expand to see dark circles under the eyes.
  7. Sunlight: Sunlight may stimulate the production of skin pigmentation. Until the facial skin around the eye edges can become darker

What should I do with dark eyes?

Dealing with dark circles may depend on the underlying cause, factors that cause dark circles around the eyes. Which, if the eyes are black due to aging, it may be difficult to manage But if the black eye is caused by other causes such as lifestyle or environmental factors May be solved by modifying the behavior itself Or avoid certain factors

Here are some ways that may help with black eye contour problems:  
  1. Manage stress This is because stress can lead to sleep problems. Managing stress and finding ways to relax may also help you get enough sleep and rest.
  2. Drinking water  should drink enough water to meet the needs of the body. To prevent dehydration
  3. Avoid the sun In order not to stimulate the sun to create too much pigment on the skin.
  4. Arrange sleepers Should arrange the sleeping pillow higher Or get another pillow To help reduce the amount of fluid that accumulates under the eyes
  5. Ice on a frozen or chilled sliced cucumber compresses around the eyes and the eyes. Which the cold may help solve the problem of black eyes But cucumbers are used only to cool the skin around the eyes. The other ingredients in cucumber do not have any effect on the eyelids disappear.
  6. Make up by applying a moisturizing product to the skin around the eyelids and using makeup to cover the dark circles. To prevent dry eyes that can lead to darker eyelids, however, makeup is only to hide dark circles. Does not cure black eye problems
  7. Medicines are used to treat an illness that causes dark circles, such as antihistamines to treat allergic reactions.
  8. Quit drinking alcohol and not smoking. In order not to expand the blood vessels under the skin until they see dark circles under the eyes.
  9. Treat black eye with a medical method
Besides self-care People experiencing black eye problems may consult a doctor for appropriate treatment such as

To treat diseases, should treat diseases and illnesses that cause dark circles such as allergies or colds, etc.

Laser surgery By laser to tighten the flabby skin Eliminate excess skin of eye bags And destroy the pigment under the eyes that are dark spots, however, laser surgery is a costly method. Risk of scarring and infection Causing a lot of pain And it may take several weeks for recovery.

Filler  injections are a method that may help hide pigmentation and veins under the skin of the face. They may help cover up to 6 months, but they are quite costly. And may cause side effects such as swelling, bruising or allergic reactions, etc., which sometimes filler injections may make the eyelids darker than before.