Fall asleep the dangerous digns of a road accident.

Sleep apnea is the body’s reaction to accidentally entering a state of light sleep. Most of the reasons for this are insufficient sleep. Sometimes it can be a sign of disease. Side effects from medication Improper sleep behavior Including the environment of the resting place.

Doze is another cause of road accidents. Sleep can happen anywhere. Be it in the classroom or at work.Sometimes falling asleep during driving or when working with machinery can create unpredictable consequences for yourself and others. Because of this, it is a very dangerous condition, so studying and observing the signs of sleep deprivation may help reduce accidents.

Signs of falling asleep

Sleep symptoms can be easily noticed. It divide into 3 signals as follows

Physical signs

When the body is about to go into sleep state. The body may experience symptoms such as frequent yawning, slow blinking, or blinking in the wake of awakening, awakening, nodding, twitching. And eyes heavy or unable to open.

Cognitive signs

Observing the cognitive symptoms is another thing that may help make sure your body is about to fall asleep. This can be observed from the brain’s thought, such as being unable to remember an event a few minutes ago. Inability to concentrate on work or what is done Decreased ability to control emotions And responds slowly to things etc.

Signs of driving behavior

Behavior and signs of falling asleep while driving This condition can be confirmed, so when the following occurs, the car should be stopped in a safe place immediately. Turn the car in the wrong direction, drive past the exit, not focused on driving Can’t remember the path that just passed by Driving staggering or straddling the road And crashes into the edge of the road.

By having these symptoms or feeling lethargic Should not force a car or work at risk of an accident. As this can cause damage to life and property.

How to prevent falling asleep

Prevention of opiates can be achieved by keeping mindfulness and prudence. Including solving the problem at the root cause of the condition, which may be done as follows.

Practicing good sleep habits

As I said The main cause of opiates may be the lack of rest. Therefore, behavior that results in drowsiness should be adjusted, such as avoiding drinking coffee from the evening until bedtime. Avoid going to bed late until it becomes a habit. Adjust the living environment to suit the sleeping environment Such as light, silence and room temperature. Which all of these things affect the efficiency of sleep Avoid activities that keep your body awake during the night. Like exercise Or watching a thriller movie, etc. 

Treatment of underlying disease

Certain diseases and disorders can affect sleep or feel drowsy if it may result in a sleeper  sleep or how frequently a doctor can help diagnose the cause. By diseases that may increase the risk of falling asleep, such as insomnia Sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea  (Narcolepsy), Leg spasms while sleeping (PLMD), and Circadian pattern disorders, etc.

Get ready for the trip

If you plan to travel a long distance by car Be it a driver or a passenger Be prepared to spend a long time in the car and get enough sleep before the trip. Both the driver and the passenger to help each other observe something unusual while driving. And if your companions are able to drive and are in a sane state of driving, they should turn to drivers to reduce the risk of falling asleep.

Stop using sleep stimulants.

Should refrain from food, drugs, or drinks that cause drowsiness. Such as alcohol, nasal decongestants and antihistamines,  if necessary, those medications Ask your pharmacist for advice on medications that do not cause drowsiness.

Know your limits

If you feel sleepy while driving Do not forcibly drive any further. To prevent accidents that may occur Park your car in a safe place to sleep. The public health agency has educated many people home during the holidays that driving should make a stop to relax every two hours, or a distance of 150 kilometers. Tension, drowsiness and fatigue from driving.

Drink caffeine

As you know, caffeine may stimulate brain activity. Cause awake And to reduce drowsiness, drinking tea, coffee or other caffeinated beverages. May help reduce the occurrence of sleep apnea. However, consuming too much caffeine can also have negative effects. Therefore should be consumed in moderation.

In addition, in other situations, such as people working with machines or places at risk of accidents. Such as high altitudes or construction areas In addition to the above precautions, protective equipment, such as gloves, hats, or goggles should be worn. Should not work if you feel unable to maintain your consciousness or to control drowsiness.

For those who work on night shifts like a driver Convenience store staff Or security personnel In addition, people who drive regularly or who are traveling longer. Should always check the car condition always in order to car risk from accidents.