“Stressed skin”, a new disease of working age

People are stressed by hundreds of stories. Stress can have a high effect on the health of the body, not even the health of the skin. It’s unbelievable that “stressed skin” is a prevalent problem among working and school-age people.

Diseases of the skin It is considered a psychological skin disease. Psychodermatology The one that results from the state of mind can manifest through our skin. May have symptoms similar to common skin diseases. That is, redness and urticaria can occur on both the skin and various areas Or even on the surface, including.

   1. Usually when the body is stressed, such as during menstruation
   2. Often rashes occur during hard work. Tiredness, fatigue, accumulated strength.
   3. After heavy exercise
   4. When going to bed late or not resting enough continuously
   5. When in a period of high stress. There is an irritability then a rash occurs.

The landmark of an unusual itchy rash due to stress. Is that in normal times there is no stress Getting enough sleep did not cause the rash to be seen But when there is constant tension, the rash appears clearly.

How to treat stressed skin For the itchy rash, symptomatic treatment should be treated. For itchy rashes, apply caramine lotion to help reduce heat on the skin. Absolutely refrain from scratching

• For oily skin problems, sensitive skin, you should choose a nourishing cream for oily skin that is gentle, reducing the chance of sensitive skin. Gentle on skin with inflammation. Pan Dermacare Moisturizing for oil skin Cream for oily skin or Pan Dermacare Anti Premature Aging for preventing premature skin aging.

Besides the rash Stress can also have many other effects, for example

   – Stress weakens the immune system and can easily cause many skin diseases such as herpes, psoriasis, white spotted shingles
   . Under skin malfunctions, oily skin, acne prone skin, oily skin,
     acne prone acne, inflammatory acne, allergic rash and more difficult to disappear.
   – Stress slows wound up missing
   – skin aging. Wrinkles easily.
   – Hair loss.
   – Disease in their own shape.

What’s important for dealing with stressed skin? Is to treat the root cause of the symptoms And solve problems of the tension of the body to reduce such as reducing the time of work obsession Take care of your health. Stay with someone nearby, get 8-10 hours of sleep a day, exercise 30 minutes a day, and eat healthy meals.

How to take care of skin?

Thin skin Choosing to use skin care must be careful. Choose only those that are suitable for sensitive skin. The more “thin skin” care, the more you understand, the faster it will recover healthy skin.

Get ready for a bike ride

A healthy and fun exercise activity at the same time, an exercise bike seems to be a fun and trendy option. Because you can exercise without difficulty.

Habits that make our skin premature

Old face Who doesn’t want to be But how can you do it, when each day your skin is exposed to the various pollutants surrounding it, it is really difficult to maintain a baby face. 

7 foods people with acne should never eat

Acne problem, just outside treatment is not enough. Because the physical condition and hormones also contribute to the improvement of the skin. It is a factor that can help reduce acne breakouts as well. For people with acne problems Or when the skin is prone to acne Such as before menstruation Making good food choices can also help reduce acne breakouts.

Allergy to Valentine flowers, what should I do?

In February is a bright month. The flowers were in full bloom, it was pleasing to the eye. For people who love each other, they often give flowers to each other on the day of love every year. Making February a month filled with flowers.

How good is the skin bouncing ..

Have you seen that many skincare advertisements say that this one gives the skin a bouncy, plump. The bouncy face looks like a baby’s face and looks healthy because this type of skin is stronger and has less skin problems. How good it will be, let’s see.

How can you prevent aging of the skin early?

“Anyone does not want to get old.”

Rainwater affects sensitive skin.

In the rainy season, your skin is always confronted with many unexpected things. Just going home, you still have to risk that it will rain or not. The rain that is exposed to dust from the streets is more dirtier than normal rain. Normal skin is prone to acne prone. But especially for sensitive skin Rainwater is more likely to cause skin problems twice. Allergic rash may occur And the more obvious signs of skin weakness.

Tips for taking good skin care

Today, time is money. Just work and everything around you is tired and sometimes forget to take care of your skin. Many people may be looking for a simple skin care solution. It takes fast, less steps, but easy to use every day. Pan Dermacare recommends cool ways to take good care of your skin that people don’t have time to do.