White skin can be created!

White skin can be created! Includes 3 food menus, easy to find It actually gives beautiful skin.

Perfect white skin Is a symbol of beauty that anyone who wishes to have So many people try to find every method that will make the skin look radiant. Whether to see a dermatologist Buying various skin care products Or even allowing the body to injure various substances Nana whiten But it seems that the method has not been used to make the skin beautiful forever.

But don’t give up Because in addition to taking care of yourself from the outside as before There are still ways to recover the skin to be white from within. With attention to food and eating to get the full of natural skin nutrients with 3 good food menus … like this, people who want to have beautiful and healthy skin must not miss it!

1. White skin with plant

Lemons, tomatoes and papayas are amazing plants that help make skin beautiful from within. This is because these 3 plants contain nutrients that are beneficial to the skin in various ways:


Many people may not yet know Lemon juice, which we use to exfoliate the skin or remove the external pimples, is also helpful, helping to make the skin beautiful and healthy from the inside as well. Just squeezing lemon juice for at least 2 consecutive weeks will give the body the full amount of vitamin C.

Which helps to make the face clear, radiant skin, reduce acne, reduce the problem of oily face, solve the problem of dull face, reduce fade dark spots And can help reduce cholesterol in the blood as well.


It is known as a versatile plant, it is said to be with ‘tomato’ as it provides nutrients, vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants. (Antioxidants) such as lycopene that will help your skin look naturally radiant. It also helps to soothe the sunburn and helps to stop the wrinkles of the skin.

As for how to eat it, you can choose from both cooked and cooked food. Or through heat by using oil in cooking together with it will help the body absorb chicopene better.


Did you know that Constipation is one of the reasons that the skin does not look white and dull. Because the body will absorb toxins from spoiled food waste such as sulfur, nitrogen, ammonia, indolme tan, etc. in the intestine into the blood. Causing acne sores and rough skin to follow
Which natural skin foods that can help resolve constipation problems instantly, that is, ‘Papaya’, a high vitamin C fruit that helps to excrete fluently at the same time. With skin care to shine with beta-carotene that will be converted to vitamin A when entering the body.

2. White skin by eating meat.

Not all meats can whiten from the inside. But should choose to eat meat in the category that is high in protein. Or good fatty acids like salmon and chicken.


Eating salmon will help make your skin white and smooth, from omega-3 acids, which help retain moisture in the skin, keeping it firm and healthy. And also contains silenium that helps prevent the skin from being damaged by sunlight at the same time.


Chicken is a protein with less fat and calories. It is also easy to digest, so it is suitable for young and old women who want to lose weight. But that’s not all the benefits of chicken. Because in terms of the skin itself, chicken also helps to repair the wear and tear, making the skin more flexible and younger than it should be.

3. Whitening skin with healthy drinks

Not just food But the drink itself can help make the skin that was rough back to be beautiful Which we would like to add to the 3 healthy menus that the Healthy line has confirmed that it can help with your skin!

Soy milk

As you know Small seed soybeans Is rich in various kinds of benefits.  Not even the skin itself. It strengthens the skin with isoflavones (Isoflavone), a substance in the plant that helps fade the appearance of wrinkles. White face more radiant And helps protect the skin from UV rays in sunlight.

Green tea

For anyone who has reached the age of four, of course, they have to face the problem of wrinkles and sagging of the skin that are not as tight as they were when they were young. It is recommended to choose a regular drink that is green tea. that has properties to protect the skin from pollution, sunlight and help slow down aging with a substance called Catechin (catechins), which helps to maintain healthy skin more than ever.


If talking about the best drink for us Probably inevitable ‘water’, which is an aid to expel waste from the body And helps to improve the balance within the body Just start drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day to keep the body hydrated. And affect the rough skin to return to be bright and moist again


It can be seen that the skin whitening diet is not necessarily a dietary supplement that can cause side effects to the body. But it is food that we can easily eat in our daily life. Which type of skin food to introduce all of this In addition to giving you benefits to your skin. It also helps us in terms of weight loss, excretion and metabolism as well.