I can’t sleep like this How can I fix it?

When knowing the disadvantage of this size It’s time for us to find more ways to optimize the amount and quality of sleep. Which has a simple secret as follows

1. Adjust the sleep time

Many people have acute insomnia. (Insomnia in a period of about 3 months) due to improper sleep habits such as sleeplessly, sleep late on a regular basis, like to sleep during the day, etc. This group of people will have to start a new balance. Let the body remember the life clock that promotes good nighttime sleep efficiency.
For example, choosing the time to wake up before eight in the morning every day and adjust to a good night’s sleep before midnight. This must be done regularly until the insomnia is resolved effectively.

2. Arrangement of an environment suitable for sleeping

It’s easy to get started By adjusting some activities that you love to do before bed, such as playing on the phone, watching movies, reading books. Or even work, it is strictly prohibited to bring it to bed. All of this is to create an atmosphere for the body to remember that The bed is for sleeping only.

3. Balance the diet.

Eating at the right time and nutrition It is one of the parts that help make sleep more effective. They must avoid drinking caffeinated beverages during the day. Including refraining from eating before going to bed In order to prepare the body to go into the mode of rest fully.
In addition, the belief about drinking alcohol before bed helps to sleep well is a mistake. This is because alcohol does not have enough deep sleep for the body to relax.
But if really hungry You can have water or warm milk instead, because hunger is one of the obstacles to sleep as well.

4.Exercise regularly

Everyone knows that Exercise is one way to make it easier to sleep. However, not all interval exercises promote sleep efficiency.
Because if you accidentally hold the time close to bed as a time for regular exercise Instead of helping to make sleep more effective. It will make the body awake until it interferes with the sleep cycle at night.

Therefore, the best time to exercise is the morning when the body is ready to burn fat. And helps to relax the body during the night as well.

5. See a doctor for treatment

If insomnia is caused by various diseases Whether it is a physical disease or a mental disorder In order to cure all symptoms, it is best to start with professional treatment.
For the advantages of seeing a doctor are The medical team is able to diagnose and design a treatment that is suitable for the daily life of the patient, their family and the environment. And do not need to waste time trying to treat symptoms by yourself.

In addition, it can help relieve symptoms of addiction to sleeping pills in some groups of people who prefer to buy oral medications. Because the medical team will provide the appropriate medication for the symptoms that occur without any danger to the health in the future as well.