Insomnia, do not be nervous

If you try to calculate the time of your life for fun, you will see that one third of the time of each day, we are all gone with sleep That shows Sleep is a vital sustenance that should not be ignored or overlooked.

But even if it is a very important behavior Many people place sleep at the bottom of the list. Until causing one problem that followed, that is Insomnia (Insomnia) that now appears to be more serious. Causing many people to use sleeping pills to help That is not the right solution to the problem. It can also cause our physical health to deteriorate as well!

When it is a problem that affects health this much Letting insomnia consume your energy is not a good way.

So today let’s try to find the reason better than that What is the cause of the insomnia that I are facing right now, if I do not sleep often? How will it affect our lives? And if wanting to fix it, how do you need to start adjusting your behavior in order to make our sleep more effective?

Causes of insomnia

When it comes to the reasons that people cause insomnia. Can be divided into 5 main groups as follows

1. Behavior

Check with yourself a little. What kind of life do we normally use?

Such as staying up late, waking up late, taking a nap during the day, partying every night, waking up, relying on tea and coffee, not even thinking of exercising. Or when it’s time to really sleep And still picked up a mobile phone to play, etc.

If all of these were regular behaviors, it would affect the life clock that started not on time. This will reduce the efficiency of deep sleep (Deep sleep) with fewer hours followed.

2. Mind

Have you ever heard the Thai proverb, ‘The mind is the master, the body is servant’ ?

This proverb is a fact that can also be used to explain the connection between the mental state and the insomnia.

Because more than 70% of people are mentally poor. Or may be a patient in mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorders, etc. Most often have insomnia. This is because the mind and brain are not in a feeling of calm enough to make them sleep.

3. Environment

Another variable that many people do not realize that will result in insomnia. That is a matter of the environment.

As many newly married people May not be used to sharing a bed with anyone. Or some people have problems with the lights If the room has a roommate who likes to keep the lights on, it may lead to poor sleep. It is mostly found in people who are sleeping in light sleep with awakening symptoms, which is poor sleep quality. And causing long-term insomnia

4. Age

From medical research It has been stated that As people get older The average sleep duration will continue to decrease. Making the elderly feel uncomfortable and feel insufficient sleep Until causing drowsiness all day long But when the night falls, they still have to face insomnia or sleep for a short time. Which results in an easy fluctuation of the body system of the elderly

5. Disease

Many ailments Existing diseases often affect insomnia that occurs as well, such as asthma, heart attack, allergies, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, toxic goiter, etc. Let these diseases become more serious as well.

The negative effects of insomnia

‘Insomnia’, although a small abnormality. That many people rarely give importance to But if allowing the accumulation of exhaustion for a long time Would inevitably result in a negative effect on life in many ways Side as well Which we would like to add to the results of insufficient sleep in a row.

let’s talk about 3 things as follows.

1.Quality of life

Many people might think that Just having insomnia will not affect the quality of life much. But the reality is that a little rest makes the performance of the body gradually. Entering recession unconsciously, for
example, making you feel weak and do not want to do activities In daily life, if it is school age or working age, it affects memory performance. Including the ability to make decisions Or if in severe cases it may cause fatigue and exhaustion during driving. Life-threatening

Therefore, if you realize that insomnia occurs, do not be complacent, it should be sought early. To prevent any loss that may occur in the future.

2. Physical and mental health

In addition to the poor quality of life Insomnia also has a negative effect on physical health. It starts with a feeling of tiredness after accumulating for a long time. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and eventually depression.
The short-lived quality of life assessment (SF-36) among people with chronic cumulative insomnia found that The quality of life of insomniacs loses the same size as those with chronic diseases such as heart failure. And results in the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, low autoimmune disease, decreased kidney function. And make it early and premature as well.

3. Costs

Of course, when sick, the cost of treatment will be incurred. If we do not have health insurance or life insurance that covers diseases, the overall cost of treatment often needs to be prepared in advance. This is because treatment must be continued and taken for a considerable amount of time to be completely cured from insomnia.