Let’s get to know “abdominal fat” !!!

In general, the good health of the body requires some fat. But each type of fat affects health differently. Which fat in the abdomen Or fat in the belly (Visceral Fat) or excess fat (Active Fat) is a type of body fat stored in the abdominal cavity. Close to many vital organs such as the liver, stomach and intestines.

It also forms in the arteries. with Sometimes abdominal fat is called “Excess fat” is fat that increases the risk of many serious health problems. So it means that if we have fat around the waist, it doesn’t mean that we have fat in the abdomen. 

Because waist fat may be just the fat stored under the skin layer. Where we can easily see this kind of fat as we can see the arms and legs As for the fat in the abdomen, it is located inside the abdominal cavity so it cannot be seen.

How do i know That we have fat in the abdomen?

– The only way to accurately detect abdominal fat is a CT scan or MRI, but this method is costly and time consuming. Therefore, there are general guidelines that are often used to assess abdominal fat and health risks.

 For example. The Harvard Health Institute says that about 10 percent of body fat is abdominal fat. So if we can calculate body fat We will know the amount of fat in the abdomen. And the easiest way to know the health risks is to measure your waist circumference. Women over 35 inches and men over 40 are more likely to have health problems, just guesswork. (There are other factors Related as well).

Effect on health

Fat in the abdomen can cause immediate health problems such as insulin resistance. Even if we don’t have diabetes or people with high blood sugar. Research reports found that this is because protein, which is a derivative of vitamin A in the form of alcohol. 

Which will bring vitamin A to be stored in the liver (Retinol-Binding Protein) will be ordered to be secreted by this type of fat. This will lead to insulin resistance. 

In addition

abdominal fat can cause a rapid rise in blood pressure. Most importantly, being high in abdominal fat increases the risk that we will need lifelong medical treatment such as heart attack and heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, breast cancer, colon cancer and disease. Alzheimer’s.