10 reasons why we can’t lose weight

 What to worry about about weight loss plans is that they are in a constant weight. It is frustrating that after weeks of losing weight we find that we suddenly lose weight or shape. So what happened? In fact There are certain habits that can ruin our weight loss that we ourselves may not have known about. And in this article I will reveal 10 reasons why we are not losing weight.

1. To focus on exercise over diet

– research shows Diet and nutrition are more important than exercise when it comes to weight loss. Although both may seem important.

2. Not getting enough sleep 

– Adequate rest is necessary for life, including weight. There is research to show that Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain.

3. Life stuck at the desk

– Long periods of sitting can lead to weight gain. Because the body is not moving much.

4. May have mental health problems

– research found. Mental health problems like depression can lead to changes in appetite. And may result in weight gain. 

5. Addicted to diet soft drinks.

– Diet soft drinks may trick us into thinking that they are healthy drinks. The research found that Non-calorie, synthetic, sugar-free beverages may also cause weight gain and increase your sugar cravings. So switch to drinking water instead. It is a better choice.

6. Not eating enough

– limiting calories may not be the best option to stay healthy. Because we may not be getting enough nutrients. It’s best to have a balanced diet. Suitable for our body.

7. Run on the treadmill all the time

– Variety in exercise is important. Challenging yourself at all times will help us see better results, such as zumba dancing, cycling, weight training, Muay Thai, rock climbing, swimming, etc.

8. Reckless about eating at restaurants.

– Eating out has a higher chance of getting excess nutrients that you set. Since we will not know what he has cooked in addition And how much? Therefore, cooking meals at home can help reduce the amount of calories that may be overloaded.

9. Too stressful

– research suggests that. Stress is linked to weight gain as the body produces cortisol, which results in more unhealthy choices for the body.

10. Dinner

– Harvard Health research suggests that behaviors are involved in brain activity. The brain will not be able to focus on the food to eat when paying attention to television.