8 popular problems of people who are losing fat and gaining muscle

Including common problems from those who are about to lose fat. Or to add muscles Let’s

1. Fasting or not eating at all (Known as cutting flour)
in people who lose weight often have dieting or not

2.Excessive exercise or cardio
Excessive exercise or cardio, and a lack of a proper diet

3. Eating too little carbohydrates
Many people during weight loss tend to eat too little carbohydrates

 4. Fear of eating fat.
Those in a period of fat loss and multiple muscle gains People

5. Overloading the weight of training,
many beginners use more weight than necessary, or

6. Too much dependence on supplements
Many people tend to rely too much on supplements

7. Use weight as a basis.
For people who want to gain weight (Add muscle) tend to take the

8. Focus on playing magic alone.
Most of them tend to focus on playing magic alone. But still neglects food Adequate cardio exercise and rest.  Therefore not getting the desired results weight as a threshold rather than Therefore focus on eating in large quantities To get the desired weight But it turned out that he had too much fat.

because they think they are very important, which is actually the main diet.

they may not be appropriate. Thus causing injuries easily Or develop more slowly than it should are afraid to eat fat. which causes the body to become unbalanced. Including hormone levels as well, so should eat good fats from different sources such as olive oil, nuts and grains, etc.

because they think their fat will drop faster. Instead, it causes stress, stress, worsening of the metabolic system and the loss of glycogen, etc.

plan, can lead to weight loss stress and metabolic problems, among other health problems.

eating at all. (Known as cutting flour) for a long time causing the metabolism to lose. And the effect of yo-yo effects such as weight loss formula 5 days, 3 lo, 7 days, 5 lo some as we see regularly on the internet

see what is common.