Ketogenic diet, another option for weight loss.

Today there are many different recipes. Whether it’s fast weight loss, fat loss, intensive formula, and various methods that are commonly seen on the Internet. Which today will bring you another method of diet called ketogenic diet or dietary regimen by limiting carbs to less (Low carb).

Ketogenic diet is?

A ketogenic diet, or what most people call a keto diet, is a low carb diet. Or rarely eat So that the body lacks core energy And draw out the reserve energy to be used It pulls the stored fat into energy for the body (instead of burning starches and sugars), leading to a state known as ketosis.

How does the body go into ketosis?

Cutting down on carbs Or low-carbohydrates in order for the body to draw fat and use it It takes a continuous period of about 2 weeks for the body to go into the keto diet mode, which can be noticed by the smell of the breath begins to change. Or start to smell like

A ketogenic diet?

Because of the diet by keto diet method.  Will eat less carbs Therefore, in order not to allow the body to get too little energy . Having to replace it with energy from protein and fat added By eating protein to suit your body weight Not too much or too little And fat will be eaten more than usual.  Which many people are afraid to eat fat As a result, the body gets too low energy. Until the metabolic system is broken.

 Therefore, eating fat is very essential to provide energy for the body during the keto diet. Instead, choose fats from good fat sources such as peanuts, almonds, olive oil, avocados, etc. So that your body can get the most fat. Reduce the accumulation of fat increases. But also need to calculate the total energy appropriately according to the needs of each person.

In summary, the ketogenic diet is another option for dieting. Which in addition to this method, there are also many other methods As appropriate for each person Which probably couldn’t tell which method was the best Must be chosen according to each person convenient to follow. no affect the work Daily routine or a state of mind that is stressed or overreacting Including health factors, congenital disease, as well