Eating too much protein really bad for your health?

The dangers of protein are always heard. Some people said Eating too much protein can pull calcium from your bones and lead to osteoporosis, or protein can damage your liver and kidneys. However, there is no strong evidence to support those statements. In this article, we will reveal the facts in detail that In conclusion, eating too much protein Really bad for your health?

1. Can Eating Too Much Protein Cause Osteoporosis?

It is believed that eating large amounts of protein may lead to osteoporosis. This theory comes from the fact that protein increases the acidity within the body, whereby the body extracts calcium from the bones to decrease that acidity, and although research has shown that calcium is extracted, it increases. But that effect only occurs in the short term. In fact Research looking at the effects of proteins on long-term calcium extraction from bone disagrees. 

In the research that was found.

It was concluded that There is no evidence to suggest that an increase in protein has harmful effects on bone. On the other hand, an increase in protein has a positive effect on bone health. Which has many other studies supporting that Increasing protein intake is beneficial for bone health. For example, protein intake increases bone density and reduces the risk of bone fractures. It also increases IGF-1 And the leanness of the body, all of which help with regard to bone health So the saying Protein causes osteomyelitis, therefore it is only evidence that there is no supporting evidence.

2. Are beliefs about protein and kidney damage true?

The kidneys are important organs for filtering the waste and fluids from the blood that make up urine. Someone said The kidneys work harder to remove the protein metabolites produced by protein metabolism from the body. But however In fact, the kidneys generally don’t work as hard as you think. Although adding protein to your meals can make your kidneys work harder. However, it did not appear to increase kidney function in amounts that exceed the kidney limit.

Research has found that High amounts of protein have a detrimental effect on people with kidney disease. But in a normal person Protein has no negative effects. And at this time, no research has found any negative effects of protein in people with normal kidneys. Even many bodybuilders have good kidney health. Even though he eats a lot of protein from both regular and supplement foods.

The two main risk factors for kidney failure are: High blood pressure and diabetes, where high protein intake can help reduce these factors. Therefore, although the increase in protein has a bad effect on the kidneys. (Although there is currently insufficient evidence), protein is also helpful in lowering blood pressure and sugar, which can affect kidney health.

3. Eating protein is good?

Eating more protein has many benefits, for example muscle mass. The body’s energy consumption, satiety, and disease risk reduction. It can be concluded that eating more protein is a good thing.

4. How much is it called too much?

The body is constantly decaying and creating. For a period of time The body may need more protein, for example: During sickness Or having a lot of physical activity Such as weight lifting, exercise, weight training, etc. During these times we need to eat more protein. However If we eat more protein than we need The rest of the protein can be excess energy. Which has the effect of slowing us down or having more fat It also costs us more from the excess protein content. The best way is to eat enough protein and suit your body’s needs best .