Who can the DASH Diet be used for?

1. Athletes and people who are active because the DASH Diet has consumed large amounts of carbohydrate, thus able to help increase glucose levels
2. Weight loss, suitable for people who have a lot of weight, especially on the belly Or people with metabolic disorders Type 2 diabetes.
3. People at risk of serious diseases such as heart, cancer, high blood pressure.
4. Slow down aging because eating fruits and vegetables, which contain high antioxidants.

* However, the DASH Diet may not be suitable for patients with kidney disease or those requiring dialysis.

What are the side effects of the DASH Diet?

1. DASH Diet Eat foods that are high in fiber. Which will result in gas Bloating and diarrhea.
2. Eating too much fiber can cause constipation.
3. Not suitable for people with kidney disorders. Pustular disease, heart failure due to increased potassium intake. Fruits and vegetables can cause an irregular heartbeat.